Mini, Little, Junior, & Miss Presque Isle Pageant

The UWA hosts the annual Presque Isle pageant, crowning young ladies to represent the Star City. Throughout the year, our queens represent their community and support the UWA’s efforts by volunteering many hours at our many events. Proceeds from the 2017 and 2018 pageants went to the Presque Isle Community Playground Project.

Our March 2018 Pageant crowned four lovely young ladies.  Lydia Smith, 6 year old daughter of Alisha and Zach Smith was crowned Mini Miss.  Our Little Miss for 2018 is 6 1/2 year old Natalie Putnam, daughter of Kristina and Cole Putnam.  Danica Haskell was named our Junior Miss.  She is the 14 year old daughter of Cathy and Chris Haskell.  Our 2018 Miss Presque Isle is Mayce Kinney, the 17 year old daughter of Kim Kinney and Jirad Kinney.  For more information, contact our office at (207) 764-5197.